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The Badge of Pride (Click the text to view the badge)
This is a superbly handcrafted authentic service badge, each INDIVIDUALLY PERSONALISED with up to forty characters. Every badge has a wooden mahogany style case with glass front. The badge is presented in a double hand cut bevel edge mount (mat). The overall size is approx. 11.5" square.
Blazer Badges(Click the text to view the badges)
Beautifully sewn bullion wire embroidery to grace any garment.
Key Fobs(Click the text to view the page)
More beautiful bullion wire embroidery but designed as a long lasting key fob.
Medal Cases(Click the text to view the cases)
A wooden mahogany style case to present medals. Matches the Badge of Pride
Photo Frames(Click the text to view the page)
Wooden mahogany style photo frames to match both the medal Cases and the Badge of Pride
Engraved Personalised Pen Sets (Click the text to view the examples)
Real maple wood pens and boxes engraved with your choice of badge and inscription.
Fridge Magnets (Click the text to view the page)

Glasses and Paperweights (Click the text to view the page)

Glass Tankards, Wine Goblets and Paperweights, all personalised to your own specification

Drinking Mugs (Click the text to view the page)

Your own Regimental or Ships badge and your name on this mug.

You can even specify how many sugars you take!.

Lapel Pins (Click the text to view the page)

We have a massive range of lapel pins which can also be used as tie tacks. A nice and discreet way of showing your pride.

Cuff Links (Click the text to view the page)

A super range to compliment the lapel pins. Available for ALL British Regiments, Royal Navy (Every Ships Crest Available), RAF (Every Squadron past and present available), RAF Regiment, RAF Police, SBS new, old and very old


Speciality and Crystal Glassware (Click the text to view the page)

A superb range of very high quality glassware engraved with your own personalised crest or message.












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